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Multi Role Users

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The Multi Role user (or Multi Permission User Role) can be used by smaller seller who have small teams. It’s very common for some businesses to hire a small number of Virtual Assistants who are responsible for performing a number of different tasks / roles.

For example, let’s say you have 2 team members responsible for checking images, artfiles, and printing orders. In this case, you would set them up with a Multi Role user profile in PodOps.

The Multi Role option allows these users to act in a number of different roles without having to set up multiple log-ins.

To create a Multi Role user, follow the steps below.

Adding a Multi Role User

Date: March 21, 2022

Author: Adam Reed

Source: Tango

1. Click on Team Settings

2. Click Manage Team Members

3. Click on New User

4. Select Multi Role from the Role dropdown

5. Select the roles/permissions you want to assign to the User

6. Input a maximum workload if you give them 'Artist' permissions

7. Click Create User

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