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Quickstart: Add Team Members

How to add team members and different user roles

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Add your entire team to your Pod Ops account with a few simple clicks. Each user role has its own views, accesses and permissions.



Full access to the entire system, including payment information

General Manager

Can move, assign, edit and delete orders. Ideal for customer support users.

Image Processor Can simply approve/reject images/orders in the Image Processing folder.


Produces the custom design/preview of the product. Can access orders and upload artwork to those assigned to them inside the Artfile Production folder.

Artfile Quality Controller

Checks quality of custom artwork/design related to orders

Receives and manages customer revision requests

Can access orders assigned to them inside the Artfile Quality Control folder. Can respond to customer revision requests. Can approve/reject artwork submitted by artists and send instructions back to the artist.



Downloads the attached design files and sends them to printer/supplier

Can access orders assigned to them in the Fulfilment folder.

Can move orders inside the Fulfilment folder to other sub-folders.

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