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Setting Up the Tip Jar

Ask customers for a tip when they approve their artwork. Free money, no work.

Last updated on August 4, 2021

Watch the tutorial video below for an intro and walkthrough on how to set up the Tip Jar. Remember these key points:

  • Take your AOV and divide by 10 to get a good benchmark of your ‘middle tier’ Tip option. Then build out from there.
  • Try changing variant names to things like ‘Buy me a coffee’, ‘Buy me lunch’ and other conversational, engaging options.
  • All tips are tracked back to the order they’re related to so you can give that tip back to the artist, or you can consider it extra profit and increase your AOV, margins and CPA.
  • PodOps charges a % of the revenue generated through the Tip Jar feature ✨ It’s free money for you, remember that!

Tip Jar Introduction and Tutorial


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